Wednesday, 14 April 2010

yes boi

I love jamie oliver!! fuck david cameron, nick clegg and gordon brown, jamie oliver for prime minister!!! :D
P.S more art work 2 come in the next few days watch this space, hehehe

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

ohh geee....

I really want one of these there called micro pigsand only grow to the size of a small cat, they are gorgous, they have famous owners aswell, Rupert Grint , Ron weasley from Harry Potter to you and me owns one. There seriously cute.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

something a wise 14 year old told me (my brother) ....

"The porcupine, whom one must handle gloved, may be respected, but is never loved."

dont you love it when......

The Flappers come out to play
(Old work more photos/illustrations to come)
hand made characters made from felt and old buttons

i would like .....

to go somewhere pretty, after chatting 2 my best friend from back home, ive decided id like to visit somewhere beautiful, he was telling me about his adventures in the land down under, and barcalona. i wanna go to the great barrior reef, i wanna visit the gothic quater (where Amy Lee filmed my imortal) i wanna visit the beautiful Gaudi buildings, i also would like to go to the gothic Prague , and take in the history , shame im a skint student....... bad times

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

theres nothing like a good creative block :l

is struggling to be creative at the min, its so frustrating, blluugghhh current project is at a complete stand still. however I've been really inspired by films at the min and thinking of incorporating this in to some of my up and coming work. films i have seen recently are, shutter island,Alice and wonderland,kick-ass,nick and Norah make a play list. (possible reviews to come)

tainted love

i love everything 80's the clothes the culture, the gadgets, the films, maybe not the food ewwwiiieee pot noodels, ywack. this is some work i produced on the 80's it is a few pages of a book on 80's facts