Wednesday, 7 April 2010

after pretty much a year......

ive decided to update this blog i started, after looking on lots of difrent people blogs i think i kinda no what too do on hear now, phheewwww. rite i think i might start off with some work that i have produced over the last year just to let you guys know what im all about. the work above was for a project i had to do on the word 'Rocket' , i chose to do a piece off work besed upon free range chickens, in this paticual work i was very inspired by the illustrator ralph steadman, however im not 100% happy with it as i think it lacks something...... any ideas? the image above that is also on the theme of rockets but i chose to juxtapose the idea of peace and war and came out with a peace bomb again i wasnt 100% happy with this one either.... hummmm .

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